Hospital Steward F. H. Peck, to proceed to Ban Francisco, Cal.,

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of quinin with gelsemium, hypophosphites of iron, with locally,

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operations for acute appendicitis. The causes of ventral hernia

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ized by concurrent action of the House of Delegates and the

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sis. Resection of 12th D. and 1st L. arches. Oradnai recovery of

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87. tlreine. — ^Haines and Woods criticize Moor's alleged dis-

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at one time there must have been some localized nutritional

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Tuberculosis. — The following corrected formula is in-

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each individual. Experimental research corroborates clinical

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retrogression when first seen, cured by enucleation in January,

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should call for examination six weeks after all treatment has

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law grades the medical department for rank, promotion,

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plexuses,~by direct communication of fibers, and through

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Joseoh E. Winters, M.D., Professor of Diseases of Children, Cornell

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will hold good when applied to the method advised by

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tion, but upon frequently repeated observations, and as

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R. Alexandeb Bate, M.D., Louisville, Ky., to Miss Calloway,

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nocuous without giving evidence of their existence; if they do

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localization of the pains in certain cases, at MacBurney's point

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bleeding at the time of admission was followed by recovery.

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regarded by all classes as necessary and as much a mat-

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and acid salts. The usual tests for lactic acid, Uffelmann's,

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at the Hamburg Institute, reported in this communication.

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Southern States, affecting, according to Sternberg, .over

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small rings and in instances of dense intercolumnar fascia,

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alcoholic solution of gentian violet. Stain smear with this "aniline

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was a diffuse enlargement of the finger, mainly along

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recovery. In the evening of the same day the case came

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Hospital, and a member of the Amebican Medicai. Associa-

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in the mastoid process, he was prepared for operation, which

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fourth day, when she died. At the necropsy, no tym-

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puberty, or even later, because of congenital defects. Luetic

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University • of Pennsylvania and others have appeared before

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recently appointed and now In San Francisco, Cal., to doty In the

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The Illinois State Medical Society, which has always

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However, the Committee wishes it understood that it

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Morris's case was that of a woman of 56 years, with