the duty of the practitioner to choose the period in accordance with
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or 4 days. Sometimes cases in the first or second stage also suffer from fatigue.
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cases ; but, when we take the early history of the endemic, at which time
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its difibrent stages, and on the ninth day, I took virus from the arm,
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he * prescribed Aconite (1 dec. trituration) 20 deci-grammes in
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the site of trauma must be quantitatively in somewhat inverse pro-
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Bennington. The clothes were removed, the dirt and grease were
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Hemiplegia sometimes occurs. I remember one case in which there
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nnless very profoundly narcotized. The face is at flrst pale — later
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stood on the clot over night, a greater difference was noted between the
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tht cerebrum are unaffected ; the most striking degree of atrophy lieing in
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flammation of mucous membranes is marked by a thick, sticky exudation,
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parison of the effect of the two nerves on conduction during auricular
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('). AVhat are the three properties of the human voice?
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with a sedative dose of opium, either by the mouth or injiection, at
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power over the fever when administered during the actiAity of the febrile
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be doubted.^ Excessive physical labor, exposure to cold and wet, are said
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Treponema pallidum in dilutions as high as 1: 50; he also tested the sera of 59
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numbness of his arms, and great pain. Dr. Beattie, who was called
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atrophied limbs. The symptoms of muscular atrophy are preceded in
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There is a striking difference in the mitoses (Fig. 3, a, b, c) of the
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considerable attention to detail. The results should be better in
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ganisms by this procedure. The exposure would have to be carried
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tuberculosis accompanied by intestinal tuberculosis, and one younger brother died
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3. Nusbaum, J., and Oxner, M., Fortgesetzte Studien iiber die Regeneration
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tion of rain and moisture. These are the principal notices exhibit*
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was d6i^. A comparison of this with the same month for thirleen
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point for 1 hour. Temperatures over 100°C. will spoil the medium. Repeat the
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In cholera and dysentery the same mechanism is suggested with
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The croup is so grave and so constantly mortal a disease, that we
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delphia are kept by the Board of Health, under the dirtetions of
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