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sometimes being four to six weeks apart. They began

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to a depressed mental state, and says that "dejection

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would have meant the governor's political death —

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it is considered inadvisable to allow them to escape to any considerable

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necessary, but often the pus will evacuate into the

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revaccination becomes an imperative necessity if so

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somnolent. On July 10th I examined the patient with Dr. Lilienthal.

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Nydegger, J. A., Surgeon. Granted three days' leave of

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scribed the intrinsic muscles, the tensor tympani, and the stapedius,

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assertion of the existence of true peritonitis due to primary ulceration of

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in a little further. I then repeat the same process,

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constipated, although when she drank four glasses of water

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applies to the lungs and especially to the kidneys.

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of our patients by what are commonly called symptoms. Hare does

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A young man, an imbecile, whose body was broken in the same places

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sult it either because he believes he has a certain definite disease to deal

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OF Practitioners and Students, Edited by J. C. Wilson, M.D.,

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Other preparations may be used, but silver nitrate,

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The earliest and most conspicuous changes take place

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in blood-pressure. Although Dog 31 was uncovered and there was some

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dren, three of whom had fractures apparently spontaneously soon after

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