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and even intubation less and less necessary. I think it best
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two months, then took it again occasionally for a week or
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izing, as thoroughly destroyed as are the parent germs?
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on account of the water used, so double the per cent, shown
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ings and Conveniences for Faculty and Students — The Faculty —
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expressed it, he was " burning the candle at both ends, and
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observe the most serious general condition in typhoid fever, without
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everywhere. Sulphuric ether (as I pointed out thirty years
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of a cut or lacerated surface by carefully scraping the latter. If death
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upper margin, and a hollow stalk long and slender. No one
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and duration of each hot bath, will enable the family physician to retain
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culture are rather scarce. There are far many more where there
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improved, and rarely occurred in cases admitted early. The intes-
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the diagnosis. It makes its appearance on or about the eighth day, and
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one direction while healing in another. The cicatrix formed by the
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There may be few symptoms, and yet a physical examination reveals a
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generation of a malignant virus in the glands of the mouth.
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in coffee is a good heart stimulus : it tends to lessen the num-
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Other Symptoms deferable to the Aliiventary Tract. — The tongue
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cases it is combined with similar involvement of the long bones. An
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than when in health. What I will have to say of alcohol will
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liv streptococci, anil by other germs with long names.
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objection to the irrigations on the ground of their being only pallia-
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or motor energy into potential energy. Those in the animal
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zymotic disease extends only a short distance in the country,
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Face dusky, with peculiar pallor. No duskiness of face.
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bane Hospital rests on the fact that in a general hospital cases are not
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ties of the body. We are indebted to the French for this in-
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puffy, while there may be edema of the feet and scrotum, and some
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December 16th, 1890. He was subjected to tuberculin treatment until April
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Sprue, Ileo-colitis in Children, and Acute Cholecystitis.
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slower and more infrequent. Slowly the vessels become more pale,
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Cole, there was complete involvement of the entire right and sub-
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typical form (the third week in mild cases) corresponds to the third stage
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have examined, frauds, delusions, and snares. Each one can