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cells which enter the general circulation and may emigrate into various

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long course of years and in association with many different

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and it was found that the children had been bathed in one tub and the same

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a careful search for physical signs has been made that a zone of limited

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Pulse. — In no other infectious disease does the heart weakness manifest

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More emphatically than with consumption do I believe

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consideration. The insidious form in the young, in which one manifesta-

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exceptionally mild type and yet give rise to other cases of the malignant

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instances, streptococci are fomid in cultures from the throat of scarlet fever

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of the profession in this country. "Typhomalarial" or "malarial typhoid

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allergic to augmentin can take bactrim

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described by Zadek, Christeller, and Ekgren. Potain found normal pressure,

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children, and in adults with only a transient earache. There is always a

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children in water acidulated with lemon-juice. Salophen, which contains

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is favorable. It is remarkable how seriously ill a patient may be for four or

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without lumbar pimcture, their bacterial cause remains uncertain. From

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cases and may also affect the submaxillary, postauricular, and suboccipital

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cent. From the importance placed on it by the older writers one wonders if

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demonstrable degeneration. The exact relations of bacterial substances

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in experimentally produced leukocytosis are fully as active phagocytically as

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background with innumerable bluish-Avhite specks scattered on its surface.

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return to his camp, the husband appeared with two revolvers

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travenously increase the blood pressure; they may be repeated at intervals

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Sometimes expectoration is entirely absent. This occurs notably in chil-

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in the heart is the persistent excitement. The cardiac murmurs may be

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cases appear to be much less frequent now than formerly. It is probable

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rarely the severe acute intestinal intoxication called "cholera infantum"

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were inoculated. Only three people died; an infirm unhealthy woman, a

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Hydrocephalus. — Among the interesting conditions met with in convales-

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Nervousness and Sleeplessness. — ^These are frequently allayed by

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vaccination protected those who had been recently exposed, but children

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articulations most frequently attacked. The enlargement is mainly peri-

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painstaking thought that certainly one or the other must be

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circulatory changes in the kidney to account for albumin and

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tain complex, poisonous, proteid bodies called toxins, whicli

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The marked disproportion in the percentage of deaths

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These sometimes become attached to hyaline casts, in a like

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be great constitutional disturbance. If the condition of the tissues in this

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the bladder or urethra before collecting a specimen. In our

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This is not a theoretical statement, but the result of experience. Every

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cases may be seen in one clinic within a few weeks, and the successive

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than others. The agglutinability also varies; the typhoid bacillus when