long to foetal life, and though occasional cases have been reported, it
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The area of each polygon indicates the number of individuals in each respective
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TABLE 26. — Subsequent Behavior of Eight Pellagrins Who Survived the
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fice of left coronary artery. General atheroma of the aorta. The glass rod is introduced into
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negro in other climates than his. own. In some cases the figures are
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The results with thyroid feeding following thyroparathyroidectomy
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developed in Newry was an exception to this rule, in that a family of
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calcium oxid excreted through the kidneys. The body weight now
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five periods of five days' duration, except Period 1, which consisted of
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add to this that the outer wall of the dilatation in comparison with
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degree of certainty. In other words, we must assume that the organ-
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low myopia. The poor vision was due to the myopic condition of the eyes.
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lar conditions a marked increase in total fats, together with an equally
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present two bulgings, one above and the other below Poupart's liga-
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Pellagrins Who Survived an Initial Attack Previous to 1914
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more blood is discharged into the tissues in the recumbent than in
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tration of a purgative. He does not repeat the dose until after the
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The symptoms are firstly those of ordinary ascites. When there
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uncommon, but it occurs more frequently in a gland which is already
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a/squired stenosis is almost never found alone; the lesion nearly
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Barer Complications. — Paralysis agitans (Mobius), chorea (Gau-
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human hemoglobin are, within the limits of error of the method
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to a gravely impaired nutrition, and resulting from the loss to the
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the heart whose coronaries have been closed by a sclerotic process,
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