any command, but the explosion of the shells simply unnerves

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scription of the following case, observed in the New

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sidered, it is evident that exhaustion during labor

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That monthly lectures on general, military, and per-

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large tumor mass, and only small remnants of the renal

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petite is usually blunted in the early stage but rapid-

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vere collapse that the additional shock would surely

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day, November 3d and 4th. There was a large attendance

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She had no cough. Bowels were constipated. Conjunctiva

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Paretic Neurosyphilis, although modern intensive treatment

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ing or give up the case. Resinol Ointment is equally essential and effective for the relief and cure of

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nated oysters in causing outbreaks of typhoid fever,

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5. Iniection of Southern Recruits '.vith Intestinal Xema-

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most care given to the physical examination of their

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tincture of iodine was applied in liberal quantities.

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Naval Hospital, Canacao, P. L, and ordered to duty at

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Rich, Edwin W., Captain, Medical Corps. Upon arrival

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Frost, W. H., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Directed to re-

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1. The Relation of the Acid Fast Tubercle Bacillus to