to a circular douche with fifteen pounds' pressure, for one minute, at

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or the conservative, on the other, shall come oiF victorious depends upon

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As your experience and knowledge in the field of medicine grows, so

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Wall Diseases — Nitrification — Malthusian Theory — Diphtheria —

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died of chronic phthisis. Has been ill since he had an attack of pneumonia two

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at this period, though it may occur at any time of life. Pericardial

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six from the universities, as at ])resent : nne ficni the homeo|)aths.

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it is so horribly demoralizing. Of the salts, codeine is the

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symptoms amenable to this simple measure. Indeed, the writer has

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nitrogenous food. There are about one and a quarter ounces

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In advancing cases this naso-pharyngeal catarrh becomes generalized by

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not fall, but even rises a little. This observation is confirmed by

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the wine then becoming as dry as it can ever be. The life of

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a special plan of external medication in the form of a mercuric-chlorid

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venous portion, which combine a short distance below the point of the

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amount of work done upon bread, comparatively little of it has brought

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Substitutes for Sugar. — It is not difficult, as a rule, for one

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their attendant evils, teml to alternate with periods of drink-

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because the former still shows a mortality of ten per cent.

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patient for six to twelve hours or more after the temperature has begun

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betes mellitus in man, and although it is a startling one, it

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this necessity of correct technique, some of the errors often committed

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85°. The latter temperature may be decreased one degree daily until

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will succeed in obtaining a distinct and clear position in medical science,

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ally are totally at variance, because we obtain quite distinct and differ-

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Within one week, if no complications have occurred, the attack will

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oxysms may recur daily, bi-daily, or at longer intervals, and in severe

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ders of pseudo-membrane of considerable length may become separated

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and body. They are always factors in their neighborhood.

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efiicient in the catarrhal stage have been hydrogen peroxid in sterilizing

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another, each making a small " medical incision " or " cutting

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treatment: First, scrape off and wash away all superficial

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outside of the body, though its usual habitat is unknown unless it be

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