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noon from 3 to 5 o'clock, thus necessitating a discontinuance of their respective
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toms and results. Such series of cases are most valuable con-
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the Tuberculosis Commission of Michigan, was trustee of the State
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phenomena were caused by impressions made on the nervous
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editions), and not long after a large text-book, his magnum opus, on
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Professor Pancoast is a member of several city, state,
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being demonstrated to be but a very slight factor in producing
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Hegel, Fichte, and a host of others ; but I must haste to con-
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the method of lota! extirpation are: isl. That it restores
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phia. Provisional secretary, Dr. Clarence Bartlett ('79), Phila-
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been an honorable member of the medical profession for
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succeed Prof. Nott, and removed to New Orleans in the
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" She was stolen from the grave by Roderick R. Clow, dissected at Dr. P. M.
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York Post-Graduate Medical School and Hospital, and in 1913 was
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column is not impevilled. This fact should be remembered.
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F.C.S. Two volumes. New York : William Wood & Co.
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following the coppery-red inflammations of the palate and phar-
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the wound together nicely : if so, cut off the fold of tissue held
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the soil has a great deal to do with its extension and duration.
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Oiitivc of,OKio, and wm educated in the High Scho<'l "<
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tion, apparently as perfect as ever ; had previously enjoyed the
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coma continued as before. As the interest in this case hangs
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herent in, medical science ; but whenever the teaching of the
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ically divided. In addition, he is busily at work at every
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New Jersey. After serving his interneship, Dr. Janeway established
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the resolving consolidation ; but in the case under revision both
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eral anthropometric tables, based upon an accurate test of
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immediately from the ranks. The woman doctor entered
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Lloyd Steamship Company, and while in New York City applied for
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represents is as yet in its infancy ; not sprung full-grown, Mi-
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k5. In definitely localized tuberculosis of the lungs.
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various classes, to spend as much time as possible in the open air, to ride out, or take
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America. I gave him half a dozen of powders of arnica 200 , to
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scendant of Edwin Marshall, identified with the Peno!
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made. The first dressing will be applied over the parts
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ing the prize for the most original mathematical article of the year.
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second woman admitted to that body, and the first to be an
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was given him also by the Bellevue Hospital Medical College (New
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A. C. Cowperthwaite, A. K. Crawford, Pemberton Dudley, J. G.
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ary contributions to the medical journals of articles on subjects
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tastes, then shall we have no occasion to know any gross work.
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The book is made the more interesting by its frequent references