cause, but sometimes we can discover certain injurious influences which have

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end of their first session. Students who have attended two complete

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the end of the two terms which constitute the session or academical

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tion of the Professor. Further information may be obtained on

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A second class of cases also begins quite acutely, but then takes a chronic

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John Brady, M.P., 1, WariviclC'Sqitare, Belgrave-rd. S.W.

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nerve. We had a patient with tabes under treatment for a long time who

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The Chicago Lying-in Hospital and Dispensary in affiliation with the University of

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to the Dean. With the application mnst be inoloBed: (1) A oorrioalnm

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5. Syphilis. — A clinical and lecture course comprising a general survey of the sub-

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302, and 303, Bacteriology 202, and a course covering the fundamental principles and

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(a) A central inspection point will be equipped with an accurate scale

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clinical and general examination in Medicine, Pathology, and Mid-

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there are also some few objective symptoms, which have a most important bear-

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The STUDY GUIDE AND WORKBOOK (SW) contain-' both SG ana WB mat-n-,! '

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investigation, whether his attendance had.hastened the patient's death.

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on the 1st January preceding the exajnination must be not under

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Howard Martin Sheaff, Ph.D., M.D., Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine.

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Treatment. — In regard to the fulfillment of any possible causal indication

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the saperintondenoe of Dr. Stoney, are formed for the special instrnctlon of

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28. Atropin (Belladonna). — Dryness of the mouth and throat. Excessive

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ing is produced. The scrapings are exsnined microscopically for the presence of the para-

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not be less than the minimum course of four years already prescribed.

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observers praise the action of the so-called points de feu (circumscribed burn-

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the fourth Saturday of the Winter and Summer quarters. Its scope is covered by

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of the sphincter be impaired, cystitis and ammoniacal fermentation of the

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of the posterior cornua; but the so-called posterior external areas, and also

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worthy. We must also mention the cases of diabetes in neurasthenics — that is,

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cases a type of disease develops, in which indeed the disturbances are exclu-

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iiatiBfaction ; and also that no certificate of attendance on lectures on Medicine

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istic of this disease. The distinction between amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

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goiter as the best method of treatment. Among internal remedies we may

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present time to assume that there is some abnormal embryonic predisposition