periarticular tissues are involved, and the negative character of the
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it is known that very numerous stings have killed horses, and
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lacing of the fibers which may preserve the globular contour of the air-
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fore, first, for the provision of an ample supply of oxygen for anaemic
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a large item of fruits in this country, and prunes are already
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533 in which intubation Avas performed the mortality was 25.9 per cent.,
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the demand and the result would be serious and discouraging. A
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toxin and streptococcus antitoxin, but such is recommended.
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monia. Of medicines, internal antiseptics (mercuric chlorid, creasote,
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but this should be coupled with all the ameliorations of cheer-
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stage of necrosis and sloughing begins between the eighth and tenth
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The indefiniteness of this technique is apparent, and may serve as a
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be covered Avith a layer of a 50 per cent, glycerolate of mercuric chlorid
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the capillary walls ; and {h) Disintegrated, migratory leukocytes, which
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closely followed, is affecting cures in from six months to
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fifteen hundred acres, and is the present government military
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from four months to four years old, which he treated with half-hourly
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so common in the Middle and Northern States and much less
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feeble recognition by the profession may be ascribed to losing sight of
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ilized can reproduce tuberculosis in man in its various forms,
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of transudation of the blood plasma depends mostly upon pressure in
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added, at least fifty per cent., and various flavorings. Choco-
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not governed by physical laws alone; it is supplied with a mechanism
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In such, however, tliere is usually first developed a fibroid induration,
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the order here given. Remember, after fifty, avoid alcohol
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consider the cost worthwhile to continue toward our goals
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effervescing waters. Go to bed not later than nine o'clock
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and the ovens reheated. Then the prunes are replaced in the
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nerves and are conveyed to the brain in ordinary conditions, must con-
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combine with the acetanilid small doses of calomel and soda. These
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tors in the spread of the disease. In Berlin the street car con-
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morphia or extract of opium or powdered opium, in combina-
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A somewhat extensive acquaintance with the literature, together
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without the catheter, and cleared his urine in five days and was able to attend his
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dysmenorrhea and amenorrhcea, followed by rest in bed. A more
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severe type treated by baths, until they were contraindicated by hem-
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bring the micro-organism from the garden soil and add it to
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activity and fill them with blood, is an excellent preliminary meas-
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among the best of clarets. The Chateau Margaux, the Cha-
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few are raised here owing to the attacks of the curculio and
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pectorated or remain in the lungs, surrounded by a ring of