Atmosphere— The Causes of some Contagious Diseases exclusively derived from those affected
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duced free purging, dark and very offensive; touched the margin
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W. H. S. & Co. pill fully meets the requirements of modern therapeutics.
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oatmeal gruel, with a soft-boiled egg occasionally. The quan-
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majora are liable to become affected. I have never met with an example.
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and for an ornithologist (as well as entomologist) this province
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we be obliged to do so in the future. Trusting you will receive this in the spirit
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hemorrhage be not connected with aff"ections or morbid conditions which
being that applied by Dr. Winslow to the English prisons, with
etc., than in the majority of the cases of cholera. Redness or charring
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The Regular Session begins on the last Tuesday of Sep-
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characterizes the whole of its mucous membrane, and that the
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be rendered more nutritious by the addition of boiled flour, powdered
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glottis. Although generally present and marked, being, as the name im-
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open to similar objections. It may be given internally, or applied exter-
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to be ascertained how frequently these symptoms are present. I have
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the angular or polygonal cells are visible in their interstices ;
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frequent, in the sporadic as well as epidemic form, in tropical than in cold
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Whether I fell on the proper method of treating this disease, is,
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As we furnish no samples through the trade, wholesale or retail, for samples, directions, price-list, etc., address,
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frequently, the absence of disorder of digestion, and the absence of febrile
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the operations of the Divinb AtrrHOB of nature, who produces
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^'Its popularity is chiefly due to its irreproachable character''
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great dyspnoea. It may prove quickly fatal by apna\a. In such cases,
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longed, might terminate in death, it is reasonable to infer that
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relief more or less speedily from each attack, so as again to return
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in the subacute or more chronic forms, no such effect was pro-
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'\ltisfaetion. Respectfully, sufficiently frequently to satisfy myself of its merits. It is of
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cesses by which it should be made to disappear from the blood in the lungs
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etc. The diversified characters which belong to the expectoration in
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microscopical observers there has been, and still is, a difference of oinnioi;
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which led him to know that he was a bankrupt, was immediately seized
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Having from much experience great confidence in the oil of
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and alUed remedial measures in the diseases of women and m