fore the Senate, and to take such other measures in the premises as

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ependyma are accompanied by hydrocephalus. One hydrocephalic child

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in this instance reminds one of the termination of pneumonia in man

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Paralysis at the onset is general, bat later it is localized in one group ox

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limbs are not thrown about in walking,— they are merely dragged. In

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indications of disease. Upon opening the abdomen the stomach

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sarily breaking at various lengths; hence the life of man has been

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to receive cyanocuprol were found to have continued to improve

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about her hopeless condition which distressed her greatly. She was not able to

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toxic injection. If the amount of serum in each instillation is reduced

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brought out and utilized; and we may rest assured tliat

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days of repair the area of the cicatrix enlarged. In both wounds

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during their contractions, even although there may exist free com-

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full and detailed account of them. They are truly very important

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and clothing, by following the rules of hygiene, may

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which are so highly recommended seem to me to be due to the change of

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fibre goes to the tip of the great toe, supplying it

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cles are so relaxed at rest that a long contraction occurs before a proper

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siderpd them as of a dysenteric character. And here he would

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and rats. Altogether, including both inhalation and subcutaneous methods,

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the contrary, should produce hypertrophy of the remaining gland.

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interrupted by sudden spasms with the hydrocephalic cry, or by parox-

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tween the applications the patient uses a morning and

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eleven among persons of mature age. There was a notable reduc-

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could not afford to give the resulis of no many yearn

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toms. The probability is that the disease was going on for several

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of bacteria subjected to the action of disinfectants on the one hand,

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ing one of two things. Either they show that the culture pallida are

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large amount of 1.13 cc. of serum by the vein. It will be noted that

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parasites is much more common in the aestivo-autumnal than in

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Among the effects noticed by Koux was redness and irritation of the

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uleer on chin (6.— I8th d.). — °An old acne rosacea about the nose and face

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diabetes mellitus the amount of sugar seldom varies much from day to

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In the joint exudates the origin of the macrophages is not so clear.

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2iih. Pulse 116, weak, tongue dry, stomach sick ; omitted tbe pow-

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note on the original observations is published now for completeness

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