mended in those cases in which recurrences are frequent or the tendency

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should be paid to antisepsis. The soft, flexible rubber catheter should

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nephritis. According to Bouchard, albuminuria appearing late in the

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in doubt : it is, indeed, probable that some or possibly all of the fibres

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vas pushed back by a loop of thick silver wire. The margin of the

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beating of the heart although the breath is held. The inconstancy, varia-

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patient has but a few remaining months to live. An immediately fatal

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and a strict pseudo-leukaemia, and that the same patient at one time may

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nuclei of fsecal concretions, may be productive of inflammation.

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sistent, and slowly increase in severity, the affection having proved a

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condition, attributing the attacks to strain and overaction of the heart,

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cubic centimetres of absolute alcohol, has been much used abroad, ap-

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kidneys. Hay em's formula consists of one thousand parts of distilled

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In internal anthrax, or wool-sorters' disease, the invasion is usually

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regarded as fortunate. Its occurrence, therefore, is favorable while the

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and support, enjoined on scientific principles, and with due regard to

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dians ; that it should never have appeared in Ulinojs until the arrival of

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and at times is associated with a pulse of increased tension from arterio-

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present, air is permitted to enter, but is prevented from escaping, and in

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those in our ranks who had already become adepts in lithotomy were

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plete it should be forthwith removed. No good can possibly result

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lieve it to be extended through an atmospheric medium, and that, as

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was rediscovered • or reintroduced by my friend Mr. Jessop, of Chel-

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and the consequent excoriation of the skin from maceration of the epi-

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provoke cardiac excitement should be the basis of the treatment. The

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Prophylaxis and Hygiene. — ^In strictly contagious diseases, quarantine

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Third — ^The condition of atmosphere, upon which the propagation

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faradic current applied by means of a broad anode to the back of the

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raw surface. The catarrhal variety of stomatitis may become purulent

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burning sensation, sometimes occurs both in children and in adults in

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limbs. Such loss of tone, loss of vigor, loss of health, occur more

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merous upon the palms and soles the thickened skin becomes fissured

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except that it rarely attains so large a size, may also be confounded

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of despairing defence and not a combat of aggression. Perhaps the most

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security, for if we are to judge of the fiiture from the history of thie

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tenderness over the nerve-trunks, preservation of the tendon reflexes, or

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characterized by a gelatinous infiltration of the fibrous tissues with serum

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ing structures, as the liver, spleen, pancreas, and diaphragm, which make

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