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produce clinically a well-marked toxaemia do not readily yield toxins by ordi-

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theory," according to which the use of water which has become polluted by

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gestion are common. Enlargement of the spleen may not be evident; hem-

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noted; namely: (a) while a small number of individuals constantly harbor

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isms are not highly pathogenic. The general symptoms are slight head-

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vices. There may be some difficulty in agreeing exactly as

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ently restored. After the process is completed the area is usually somewhat

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demic type is caused primarily by this microorganism, and investigators are

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chusetts General Hospital. Of these 167^ represent the simple and typical

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to special articles on these agents in the preceding pages.

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minous urine, and yet before it reaches the meatus urinarius

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upset ambition, loyalty, and contentment, and that it is

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and for this purpose he has been selected. He is placed, as

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anoxemia or deficient oxygenation of the epithelial cells.

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demics and in different localities. Perforation was found in 30 of 105

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some of these cases, the cause not being removed, the albu-

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a disease, it is much more reasonable to suppose that the eruption described

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found after recovery from the disease, and may also occur in individuals

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said to be the characteristics of the Anglican, Gallic,

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cotton plug is inserted. The exposed surface of the egg can be inoculated

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is sudden. Some are attacked while at work; some awakened from sleep

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rheumatism is a systemic disease, there is no general agreement that it has

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orrhage from the urinary passages are not uncommon. Suppuration of

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ation of the peripheral nerves, sometimes accompanied by an interstitial