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arteries." This suggests that the proper surgical procedure'
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breathes from every part of its body, while we breathe only through
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small intestine of the dog. The ripe segment contains about 5000
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ing, even in cold water. The composition of opal blue I do
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abdominal walls are retracted. Muscular symptoms then set in,
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fourth tract passes from the frontal to the posterior temporal area"
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neck and also a number of tumors in the abdomen apparently con-
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be foimd already circulating in the blood, and Hektoen, Plexner, and
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to its property of constricting the arteries. Its place may be taken
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It is urged that if a hospital becomes a nuisance it is liable
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the region of the pons was reached, when some very delicate librous
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Treatment. — ^As to treatment, the first indication is to secure a
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accompaniments have been identified with the disease. As no other
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family were naturally desirous to keep the matter quiet ; not
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pamphlet containing full information as to the manner of taking the
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Like all true rheumatic afifections, relapses are frequent, especially^
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The active agent he believes to be alkaloidal in its nature, and, as it
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Boycott— GUY.— On June 12th, at H.nly Trinity Church, Morecambe. by
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Bengal Medical Service traverses that part of the memorandum on ex-
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his life, with no other cause for his disease which was discoverable.
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It is in chronic gastritis that gastric lavage is so beneficial. Usually
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Surgeon-Captain F. H- Theherve, F.R.C.S.Edin, is seconded for ser-
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the case with sucli lesions. And although the patient was
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pital a permanent and worthy memorial to John Hunter,
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Apparently, all warm-blooded animals are capable of contracting
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recovery of the members is practically none, also engaged the
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Newcastle Dispensary, and supported by -Dr. Armstrong. It was stated
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attention of the person referred to is drawn to the fact of his alleged
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quits the field precipitately, thus, "One of the most important forms
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