and superficial reflexes may be diminished or absent. In this con-

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of the attack the bowels should be cleared by a dose of calomel or

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well-known treatment has emphasized the good results to be obtained

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mote effects of anaemia. In a paper on exophthalmic goitre, published

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muscular coat. The capillaries presented a hyaline-granular change."

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ing to the amount of tissue which remains unaffected ; for digitalis

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holds visited. It was impossible to get any account of the number or

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tion. The hypertrophy of the right ventricle is rarely so extreme as

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tonhole slit. The condition most frequently encountered is a trian-

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In some cases a heaving pulsation may be felt at the back over the

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emotions. The " broken heart" is often preceded by a long period

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In still other cases the attack is associated distinctly with excruciat-

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is already goitrous than when it has previously been healthy ; other-

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Senega is a stimulating expectorant and ammonia is still stronger.

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having a sewer system. The sewer system runs throughout the busi-

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considerable number in such tissues as the bone and skin.

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cases in which it is possible to adopt the method of proximal com-

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high authority, palpitations, rapid action, intermissions, and irregu-

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It will be interesting to see how these suggestions are borne out in the

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right and the fifth interspace on the left. Both pleural cavities are practically

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It is not unreasonable to suppose then that in rare instances the

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Woillez, Solomon, Duguet, and Landouzy all reported cases of

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stitial variety in seven and the parenchymatous type in four. The

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the longest interval of good health being eighteen years. These

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O. T., lived at home, and although she slept with a younger sister, the latter did

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45. Reiss: Ergebn. d. inn. Med. u. Kinderh., 1913, x, 531.

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the sound is heard best not exactly in the region of the pulmonary

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Case 30. — A man, aged 32, entered the hospital Jan. 15, 1915. A diagnosis of

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rather than a structural derangement of the nerve centres, as they are