deserves to be, we have thought that so pointed an example of its advan-

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entific physician who is thoroughly educated in the profession and from

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The first of the above named publications, is a volume of 226

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sations, no difference could be detected. There were no modifi-

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He cites numerous cases in support of this plan of treatment. — [Ibid.

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ments to determine the efficacy of impregnating the joints affected with

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gluttony. The voraciousness of the shark, too, even within

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Association, all Institutions which may conform to it shall be entitled

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dyspnoea, and a sense of impending suffocation. The countenance is fre-

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should be eschewed by all who have any regard to their health

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tinually flowing and washing away the coagulum. M. Hannon

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As soon as the blood-pressure rises again, haemorrhage

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communication between its members. Medical Science and policy ?

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cepting to remark that with the exception of iodine, none of the

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was unable to get her under the influence of Chloroform in time

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Again, that others may be. assured of the benefit of blood,

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extent in works on pathology. Among these we would call atten-

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In the summer of 1849, a laborer, after having wrought

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and as I saw it, and that was purely vesicular — the vesicles pretty

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when he was admitted into my institution. I shall not give a

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have never been able to theorize myself into the belief of its dangerous ten-

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Common whisky contains a large percentage of corn or

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creased or diminished vascular action, as the pathological condition

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the body than in warm seasons and climates ; and, to pre-

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Having now enumerated, and cursorily remarked on the prin-

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cases, of these unorganized, cacoplastic deposits, which are

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to suppose that it was deemed advisable, on due reflection, to spare

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is now very little over an inch of shortening, so that there was

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evidently, in human monstrosities, in the leech, and in other

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arrives, when the capacity of development is exhausted, and

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chanism of the reduction from the foramen ovale has already been

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material universe of God. There is no power, save in oxygen

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stomach — its exit by an abscess — cure. By Francisco Garcia y Garcia,

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cability and mutual benefits ? A city like Cincinnati might do so with pro-

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ism. The obstruction of the contents of the intestine in the incarcerated

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half a pound of the flesh of a recently-killed animal (beef, or the flesh of a

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