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placed by dulness, which begins in circumscribed peritonitis in that part
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look for any trouble which arises during the after treatment. Inordi-
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probable that in man this connection holds. There is reason for be-
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sideration whether it would not be advisable to adopt Dr. Marion
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cancer of the stomach. Even ulcer of the stomach, when pain is slight
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there may be no characteristic dulness. Localized dulness and feeble
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pollicis, and finally the two outer lumbricales. Sensory fibres supply
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PROGNOSIS. Although the disease may come to a stand-still in its
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or ignorant person beconjing exposed to it. The public should be taught
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a retroflexed uterus, or a displaced ovary, at times proves a cause of
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with even a very shallow depth of water, it is almost innocuous ; if it be
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a systolic, perhaps a double, murmur is to be heard. The femoral as com-
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rest. The incipient stiffness of the joint is relieved by exercise, but is
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storm, such as migraine, or the paroxysms of pain which are said some-
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throughout or in limited portions. The infiltration is usually more ex-
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of, and on a level with the parietal protuberance. The skull was
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occurrence of pulsating pleurisy, and in the collection of sixty-six cases,
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allowed, but coffee and chocolate are on the doubtful list. Alcohol in any
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cirrhosis originated from the bile-ducts, and it has been asserted that a