of the chest. The liquor was applied at 3 p.m., for the purpose of
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ders the necessary bathing of the parts an aid to the cure, where
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late the tissues to increased activity, and only when the lesion
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scarcely able to distinguish features, or even large objects. In the
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with micrococci. These are the granule cells of Waldeyer, or
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empyema, and the miserable frequency with which it is followed
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Tlie common tincture is obtained by simply macerating four
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furred to a greater or less extent, and in proportion to \
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All cases show some hemorrhagic areas in the subcu-
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others in the country, and that this would be the result invariably
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entirely filled with the cheesy matter their structure does not
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at all that rheumatism does ; and the close connection which the
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-f cancer, without having succeeded in warding off the fatal
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Things to Consider before Danger f.-om Cold Water. . 118 H. Buck, M. D 122
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there, and their horizon got narrower and far as possible to bring these influences
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many words in exhorting the profession to action, for the suppres-
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Sulphuric acid, 1-20 of i per cent. Sulphate of copper, 1-4 of i per cent.
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characterized by thickening of areas or of the entire walls of
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even where there was a predisposition to it ; its specific action being
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ner; five applications of the douche were made at intervals; the
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known, and I dressed myself with some show of indignation. He took my
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practical importance in the present instance, yet it is a fact none
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few 3'ears been actively engaged in the effort to produce a
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bed-time for a child five years of age have seldom failed having
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researches of MM. Eabuteau and Peyre on the Akazga, or
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of simple hysteria did not appear to be improved by it. It is
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ground character and not feculent. The eyes were sunken and
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efforts to have them convicted or to compel t*^/" °"^«"' P™bably because of the crowd-
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described, and the worst common form of the malady is one in
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before the disease will appear, it is necessary, therefore, to
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by legislative enactment, or otherwise, we will have accomplished
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intellect. Consciousness was not lost by S , who recovered ;
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attended with the production of such a degTee of plastic lymph
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cases the lesion resembles exactly those of peripneumonic
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aseptic cases, or to a solution of carbolic ride cloths, and the binder fastened tight,
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tines, the work of the lymphatics, etc., etc. nature resists the germs of blood poison,
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lesions it produced. However, he illustrates the nodules and
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ing the bell of a stethoscope over the bone or died at birth, two were hopelessly pre-
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Barron Larrey relates the case of a soldier, wounded during an
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Booklet telling all about it, with samples of the material, free.
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actual paralysis. In such cases the animal may stagger or