band, two children and herself forced upon her. The perineum
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but I feel confident that most of these are theoretical, and are advanced by
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A man, 52 years of age, had been for a great length of time afflicted with
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allowed such vegetables as do not contai^ either sugar or starch, or
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the catheter was removed, healing was quite complete
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tends to the continuation of the species," p. 120 ; and 4. That, in the cica-
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mulation of the gas, and the consequent distension of the coats of the large
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loathsome disease. The outer coat of the gut is formed by the peritoneum, a
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the result of several international conferences in the
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another, and Mr. CoUes, of Dublin, another. Sometimes the use of an iron,
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sage of a cannon-ball close by the body of a man in battle, or elsewhere?
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ble, not only for having enabled the experimenters to
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Langerhans to diabetes mellitus of pancreatic origin,
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intensity of the sound delivered to each individual ear. This '
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fail to strilfe the reader with some surprise. It is to be accounted for, in my
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upon another regimen, and digests perfectly ; his hemicraniae have disap-
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Fig. 6. — Showing stitches In situ and manner of tying In groups.
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remarkable, and illustrates so perfectly the unusual
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The mode of preparing the experiments is described as follows: — "The
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anemia. Laminn of 8th and 9tb dorsal on right side partially
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pathological notice," and which he introduces to show the absolute neces-
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between process and brand, even in such definite substances as
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have all left for their homes, and some five thousand of them
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monia, etc., he has not been able to find any one who has ad-
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possible objection against this theory. It might be
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with that produced by distension of the perinseum, or the still more exalted
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BMnths; female, 28; accident followed by dorsal gibbosity, later
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ud will erect a new ?20,000 building. Dr. Tenison Deane is
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be had been a cook and waiter In the Chinese Theater up to three
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evolution of the gravest and most complicated types. Perhaps
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painful spasms J of the fingers supplied by the median
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ing of animals. Illustrated by Drawings of parents and progeny. By Alexander
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ward in order to observe if any recurrence of rheumatism should take place.
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Alexander H. Robertson, Acute Bronchitis. Thomas U. Isom, Syphilis.
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Our attention was early called to the two following points, — does iodine
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applied within the splanchnic area by the methods previously
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teristically, the bacilli. A striking resemblance exists
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