sphere is the warmest ; and on the coast of England, we have,
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ellae could be isolated was greater in animals kept in the cold than
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witnessed any eJTcct of this kind, or anything api^roaching it; and do not
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be mentioned. They found that in rabbits infected with a virulent
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given to the clinical laboratory as to the dispensary.
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leaves may also be used in the form of a cigar ; and, as in the ease of
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portance. The officinal tinctures (U. S. Pharmacopoeia) of the pure
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It wa^ introduc*'d IdT'.- tL*: : •-&?:"■.- •' iii-'j_:.:i- L.r l *-'•--:::-•• : -r int-
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eases to which it predisposes are those of a nervous charac-
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The recumberit Posture. — This may be either on the back,
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knenge may be made by incc»rporating powdered alum, sugu*, and trag-
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Sensible Properiieg, The fruit is spherical, about the sisEe of a flmali
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like must, or new cyder, or any other fermenting liquor. If
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hjos: e.ni}rji»Tf*d jl tbr Fiinrd 5iT4Ti*s. Thr r»»Trii»rnnn^ ^A>ar iy fN>im
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another; for different parcels of opium, even bearing the same commer-
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Occasionally by boiling the milk, and removing the pellicle
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gupportii'g the digestive function, controlling nervous tremors, obviating
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The adult again has generally, when in full health, only
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gogue; hut, like them^ probably acts in this way simply as a general
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of a deep brown colour, (like " wetted rhubarb," observes Mr.
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and arteries, without any direct eflfcct on the cerebro-spinal functions.
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any view of its mode of operation can be received as demonstrated.
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mixed, in cases of diarrhcea, with a fluidrachm of camphorated tincluro
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decomposition. It will be noticed that this solution is foar times as
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Majendie, from the results of his first experiments on nutri-
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that he knows it is necessary for his beauty, his fleetness, his
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of the music, and then, as a response to my reverie
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extractive, which is contained in them, whilst it may be of
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maintaining the moisture which would otherwise be evaporated; per-
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being sarprised at a want of coincidence in the experience of otber prao>
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bly widen your powers, correct your faculties ; and, "^^'^
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mice kept at 21" C. This death occurred in the animals receiving