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We have recently heard much of tuberculin R. This is

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him again (having treated the wound medicinally before I

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between this disease and measles of a mild type is difficult if not alto-

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— in .short make every jiossible effort to breathe as much pure air

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always well until May, 1889, when he had first pulmonary hemorrhage ; was

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object only the heating and cooling of the body, and, therefore, can

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escape through the tube. The tube should be firmly held near the

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more blood, brain, muscle, nerve, and gland elements at the

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effect, because it does not reduce the temperature rapidly and does

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symptom may occur at any time, but is most prone to appear at an ad-

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That is what concerns us as physicians. Can we as physicians

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packs) to the real nerve stimulating procedures (douches and affu-

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most frequently there is simply a slight evening elevation (99° to 100° F. —

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among these, and it is wonderful to see the effect of the dis-

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bath influences the respiration peculiarly. Even at 102° F. the fre-

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outbreak of war, there was a demand for recruiis; and they eaini'

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this point. With the fact lost sight of that the chief element contrib-

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for the reception of the patient, and he is very rapidly dried and

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ture falls by lysis. Measured by days, it declines by degrees, both

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a close resemblance in many respects. The effect of previous mode of

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at the Norristown Hospital may be attributed, I think, to

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symptoms are all gastro-intestinal, save perhaps the occurrence of slight

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above diagrams represent the effect of this bath (Figs. 13 and 14).

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come off by them, as peptones and albumin, and the blood is

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heart-valves behind. I am inclined to attribute this fortunate result to

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demonstrated that the adoption of strict cold bathing has inaugurated

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features are diarrhea, colicky pains, and the presence in the stools of

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