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edy which might relieve this pain, and still continue the work
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to specialize, and from 1882 to 1884 Dr. 'Brien was physician to the
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axe seats of infection from the very beginning, and contain
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teously invited to deliver a lecture on homceopathy before a
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I know not one throughout the United States who better
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and graduated from Bowdoin College in 1899 with the degree of
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The difficulty in diagnosing malarial diseases is dwelt upon ;
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take, it is at once simpler and more dignified to avoid mistake.
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with Dr. Joseph P. Paine at Boston Highlands, his office and residence at Hotel
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are not sufferers from sunstroke. Apropos of this chapter, we
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Hospital, Poughkeepsie, New York. Many other responsibilities and
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practice among rich plantations. He accepted the otfer,
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He there displayed his fine ability as a promising young
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into the blood and tissues, and found suitable pabulum, the re-
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The cutaneous aperture of entry is generally of less
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Microphytes, or saprophytes, are found wherever fermenta-
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it is, rather, a tablet covered with half-obliterated inscriptions,
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anatomical rooms, provided that for this purpose the Fac-
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of over forty-five years he held many hospital appointments, and
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progress for homoeopathy, as for " rational " medicine, may be
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therefore it follows that the pressure of the clothing, which may
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the heavy pressure of private work and other professional
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alone is capable of supplying. Like his father he turned
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Six years, or nearly, were spent in these small temporary
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Resolved, That we bow to this Providence, believing that he has found in the
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1851,111 Ncwburgh, N. Y., and is the grandson of Valentine
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Long Island College Hospital, Kings County Hospital and St. John's;
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pessary as an innovation, but will be compelled to pass many
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middle, and yellowish-brown at sides ; moist ; saliva thin, but
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modest. Its pathology is fully up to date, its symptomatology
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Dr. Crowell's early education was obtained in private
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the silicea and Symphytum, and insisted upon his lying quietly
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of wounds of the large arteries has been reduced to the
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"The Early Diagnosis of Pulmonary Tuberculosis," Inter. Clinics, 1907.
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County, Illinois, where he pursued the first year prepara-