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of slight soreness, pricking, and various degrees of discomfort about the
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deformity worse. In some cases, instead of the above, a shallow transverse
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The treatment of these cases, I believe, consists of three parts:
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Brompton Hospital. Cancer is not very commonly met with among the
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five, it is dried a lecond time in the fun, which en-
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result in depriving those who need it, as a medicine, of something
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adminiftered here, it fhould be given only as an al-
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efficiently carried out. The most serious result is usually stenosis, for
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Local treatment. — The wound may be treated with strong carbolic
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spoiled grain was first called ergot. During 1716 gangrene appeared in the
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again, that, by ibforbing the matter, they preferved
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The treatment of such cases generally comes within the province of
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cavernous tissue ; and if these are near the surface, little clumps of dilated
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So great was the scarcity of grain then, that the peasantry were sometimes
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any collapse, some alcohol may be necessary. If there is clear reason to
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63,698,180 lb. between June 1895 and June 1896. Brown of Bacup has
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ing plants boiled in lees of wine, or beer, and that
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mineral waters best suited for the treatment of gouty glycosuria and
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prolong the stage of coiitaniiiiatii)n and ])Ut oH' tiie sta'^c nt iiitcc-
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filled with dark-coloured blood. The membranes of the spinal cord are
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moved with the same rapidity, and for this reason we must be
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writers have lately advocated chloroform — 5 to 6 minims in water every
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somewhat wasted. Many of these symptoms are no doubt directly due
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able. The mortality of lead colic is less than 2 per cent. Recovery
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The second case illustrates how a painful back may be pro-
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By means of these tests the important part of the management
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membrane, and the degeneration of the glands may be more marked in the
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nourifhing, and therefore lefs fuitable to their nature.
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which are defers in a fine horfe, are often good qualificati-
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except those obtained by examination of the urine — diabetes decipiens.
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before and following instrumentation. It is of jiositive vahie in
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in the fame manner as the petals, of a fingle flower,
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Pyelitis is frequently overlooked, as it may not be revealed by chem-
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seat of mucous patches. The lymphatic glands at this period are often
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fibrous tissue, apparently as a result of the obstruction of the duct by the
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gradually and with a feeming difficulty, becaufe the
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Should the progress of the breech cease in the pelvic cavity, the
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spaces are of course revealed as being enormously larger than normal,