iodine injection. The secondary inflammation and engorgement are much


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honest man that this latter proceeding betrays Messrs. McElrath

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assumes the character of venous blood, and partly coagulates;

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was passed into the bladder, which was in normal position, and

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Of these, few r many, or all may be affected, and the malady may

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passed. There was no visible solution in continuity

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of the blood in the capillaries of translucent animal tissues ;

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glimpses of the fact that our thoughts are not our own, are few in number

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designate any disease — the latter representing a cause or an

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Our object is rather to discuss some of the disadvantages arising

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regard to early operation, which were and are still mooted ques-

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tured bone are forced apart, or if tilted by position or com-

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In a case of old fracture of one of the lower vertebrae of two years

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quiry — a subject however, to which I can only slightly allude on

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epochs have had their use : have produced their fruits — late in arriv-

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sesses two nervous systems, a cerebro-spinal, which presides over

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be found in the lungs; this rule also is not universally true, ac-

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a "dogma," that the art of medicine lias in fact acquired

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Nevertheless, however contrary it may appear, there seems to be

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very short intervals, and, in the course of an hour or two, saw her

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bleeding), there may be required, as Mr. Paget has observed, a

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Chloroform, as a local application to the surface of the Skin and

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collation of facts, with appropriate deductions therefrom, which impart to

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to feeding bottles, the author says ^^ the first and foremost offender

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been established as lights for our guidance, and the successful ap-

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(purgatives and emetics) ; 3 — Tonics ; 4 — Narcotics ; 5 — Excitants

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this lost action that M. Demarquay employed the galvano-punc-

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the inflammation was of two years standing, consequently chronic,

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dergo derangement of function and injury of structure, from

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of pneumonia. The implication is, that given in doses so minute