laminir lu'ptoiie, antithromhin aceiiiHulates in the i)erfusion fluid.
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Fir. 'If Ih-'i>t)iin ..t 'm.ih tn li.'U .uiiii nl"VMiIi it nl.n I'limlU iKiltii'; .*. tlic l.tKiii
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cases, Bacitlus lactis aerogenes, Staphylococcus pyogenes aureus and albus,
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liuiscles is to reu'ulate the tone of the intercostal spaces and so pievcir
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'I'lii' iiiiMiiiht iif urine pMsscl in t\ ciitx t'diir lioiiis vjiiics witli tli.
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IM.. 140 ■!>- ■> ia.i.... .urv.- „f l,„„,anM„„,l. „,,ose,l ,„ 0. ;,, ,0. 40 an.l 00 „,„. CO.. Or.ln.a,. ,
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liminntion in the lilomi supply i f the ii'nal vi'sscls owiiiir to the vasocon-
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on one side and exophthalmos on the other. The protrusion may come on
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:ii How on the afTecteil side ;iccompainei| li\ a marked curtailment on
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the nerves transmitted their influence in the natural
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accurate, as well as comparative view of the health
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S3ni0113an8. — Myasthenia gravis; pseudoparalytica; ascending bulbar
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enzymes. Imt most attention has lieeii jiaid to the elVect <d' coniinercia'
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especially, are affected. The deposit of new bone on these bones is more
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hesitation in viewing it as such, as I have already
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tissue, usually with an increase of the colloid and a proportionate hyper-
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called "thyrogen" by Blum. Oswald showed that colloid contains a
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In Mitchell's cases citrate oFpotash in doses of 45 to 60 grains a day had
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111 he placed in each nl' them Imt kciil iiimiixed iiiitil tl
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■'•' ■•"'lili'i .-I'-ids ill the laMc naiiicly, (he l.asi,- amin,, acids. In i\sii|.
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The bones most affected are those of the pelvis. The sacrum is pushed
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As a rule, the general features are not so severe as in the other form. The
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muscles of the hand or foot; occasionally, as in one of Mitchell's cases, the
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and yet the difficulties in diagnosis are often very great.
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and exhausting, though rarely painful. The secretory and motor functions
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large spindle cells. In the case of the round-cell sarcoma, metastases
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members were affected out of 42 persons, traced through five generations.
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with which the hands are involved accounts for the krger total for the
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■1"; and evoke a eontraetion provided tlie ventricle is not already in a
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even when of great size, may be associated with general emaciation. Micro-
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for twenty-two years. On the other hand, some of the most obstinate
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have a pnucrfnl \ asn.lilal iii'.' actinii. .Such sulislances are snmeliiie
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I eeiiiistriietiiiii miidels. made I'liim serial seetimis id" emlir\ miie tissues.
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whether the urine is acid or alkaline; second, as to whether one species of
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ring a long period of the disease ; and principally
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* See Sir Gilbert Blane's excellent paper on the comparative
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ill c.e. per minute: and (H) the dilTcrcnt perceiitasres of 0„ in the arterial
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'{'he dcyi-(-c of this alteration with eacli velocity pulse is liiilch less
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caiiiinhe iiiserteil intu the ve seis, Molli tlie systolic and the diastn
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eriticisiiis, after patient perusal of the iiufinishcd niauuscript, -vverc of
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