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1 in 1,000 NaNO. in normal salt solution; n. normal curve ; ^,14

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that this year it is " the army's turn." It would be interest-

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of a psoas abscess. I have always since searched for the abiding places

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hardly equalled by any other branch of Her Majesty's ser-

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Charcot and Cornil and Ranvier seem to have had the oppor-

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a saccharine solution of a concentration best adapted to favor the

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It is better, therefore, to aim at treating the disease from the first

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now. Then lie lost hearing, first becoming deaf suddenly in the left ear

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lorus, though it may then be delayed for more than an hour after tak-

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ment to one year appears unnecessary, as it is not likely that

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the majority of these men were consimiers of alcohol.

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ing agreed to support this movement by recommending the

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trance into our bodies and. multiplication there occasion their corre-

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tion of such injurious materials into the blood, as it certainly would

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muscles it is almost pathognomonic, and is a valuable sign in patients

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known clergyman who consulted me about them, and I could not help

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worthy disposition to comply with the law, are not the steps

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proposal include a study of anatomy, physiology, and path-

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report of the Royal Commission, presented to Parliament in

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We regret to announce the demise of Dr. Samuel Alexander

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scope, and are, therefore, called "ultramicroscopic." They are also

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and continue to do so though threatened with utter starvation. Mean-

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selves of private hospitality both in Newcastle and in the

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tions showed typical tuberculous tissue, but no bacilli could

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ing of these associations and the evils said to be attendant-

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in the cavity and the patient quickly put ba'-k in bed Convalescence-

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Vice-President, Mr. Howse, and to retiring members of

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—The chief part of this pamphlet appeared in Ball's Mediter-

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Sig. — Two teaspoonfuls in water, one-half hour after meab and at bedtime.

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a striking feature of the disease, and rarely absent from the second

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