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Pressure was tried, which failed to produce adhesion of the
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instead of three inches, to make the boy appear to stand perpen-
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12. The incessant irritation thus induced is of a nature to favor a relapse,
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while the process of digestion was going on ; not, certainly, to
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papilla? and villi, some of which form glands. In difFerents parts
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was equally rapid and perfect. There was, however, no muscu-
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longer a reproach in the family of State Medical Societies.
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the author's own showing, if they mark difference at all, it must be ex-
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by me, and most of them successfully. Eecently, several examples
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gradually become converted into firm contractile tissue. If the
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found that a small inflamed spot, in his right groin, gave out,
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As my paper, Messrs. Editors, has already grown to larger dimen-
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The sircumflex arteries only required ligature, and the wound
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relieved. In the case referred to, there were symptoms of concus-
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Dr. Isaacs peesented several tables exhibiting the results of his investi-
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cially in a case of cancroid ulcer of the forehead, in instantly and
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has no peritoneal covering that we have to deal in the majority
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I put him fall >/ under the influence of chloroform, and proceeded
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he says, "opium afforded her but little relief, and various other
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past ten o'clock A. M., eight hours subsequently, the second stage
ed by the local application of the vapour of chloroform is not of
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closed. The breathing was stertorous. In a word, every phe-
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The remedy is prepared by boiling one part of quick-lime with two parts
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give origin to this distressing malady, he remarks, " From the above
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might apply, without the change of a word, to the condition of a person
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Case II. M. Letellier, who had suffered horribly with pain in the head»
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considerable time been engaged in a sharp controversy with the
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difficulty but raw spirits in large doses. And this is the only
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own hospital advantages ? If we cannot boast the colossal establishments
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bodies and citizens interested in the health of communities. The
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notice by de Haen, of Vienna, which had its advocates ; but its
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is exceedingly probable that the spongy bodies are soon dispersed
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would be guided in our action by the answer we gave to the