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one specimen of blood from " a patient who laboured
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Staphylococcus citreus. Leyden (1894) found a diplococcus which
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sion of October 2Sth, under the heading — " The Yel-
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astonishing improvements in science, and deride the
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BiBCH, Edward A., Esq., Acting Assistant-Surgeon, to the Donegal,
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the death, on the 1st instant, of Dr. John Lindley,
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and surgeons, a distinct increase of mortality coin-
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and that this intensity gradually decreases for several
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cured by a jjroper system of treatment. That gentle-
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all resources on shore, with no one with whom the medi-
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too soon and too rapidly ; and the effects on the pa-
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a larger quantity of water, and by floating the phos-
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the liver ; and, whenever flesh undergoes the saccha-
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ing, it 13 very apt to remain in the same condition a
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it was that of his followers, to place the hand on the heart in appreci-
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ing above described, the membrane projected into the
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opaque lens by an upper section ; its escape fi-om the
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for the development of the cholera-germ are — 1. That
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predisposition to periodical or recurring attacks of
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3. If either the flexors or the extensors of a limb be
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the infecting chancre is inoculable just like the non-
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Five men and five women died in the year 1863, who,
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large staphylomatous bulge, w^hich had to the touch
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the discoveries it might lead to. At least, we should
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diate cause of death, owing to slight separation of
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challenges the eye, and whose nature cannot well be
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is vei-y different. The same holds good, I believe, of
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does not produce the toxic efi'ects commonJy attri-
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" In obesity the heart is overloaded with fat, which is sometimes
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arise. Caries of the thoracic vertebra, hip-joint dis-
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family from a large well-constructed house to a small
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tion to constitute emboli. In this way the normal function may be
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last, on every spot where the apparently unsuccessful
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extensive exudation of pus into the pericardium in an infant aged five
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nected with the street di-ains. In 44 houses, the in-
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cuted on it ; and has been consigned to the spacious
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should not be so ; and stUl less can I find a reason in
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son to believe, will take steps to enable the country-