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There is no reason, however, why this contract between

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J. S. Tierney congratulated the speaker but feared that he enter-

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a delayed resolution, not a chronic pneumonitis with fever or a tuber-

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John B. McGee, M. D. John Phillips, M. B. Roger G. Perkins, M. D.

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In discussing the amendments J. J. R. MacLeod, Chairman of the

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all faculty status with the Department of Medicine at the University of Florida

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acceptability of medical interventions to the patient;

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Diseases of the Genito-Urinary Organs and the Kidney. By

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Bart., C. B., D. Sc, LL. D., F. R. C. S., F. R. S., and F. F. Burghard.

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legislation awaits the thought and guidance of American young

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yet the Supreme Court of Iowa has frowned upon any attempts

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dent of the Academy of Medicine of Cleveland, died at Cleveland, Sep-

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vote. The general counsel and indemnity representa-

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Dr. Getzlek graduated in 1935 from Syracuse University

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subclavian vein under electrocardiographic control.

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For each district there is a physician and a nurse. The inspector spends

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Hospital, East Main Street, Waterloo, 13165. Tel: 315/539-

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matters of sociological and of scientific import, which are to meet

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to consider the medical and social interrelations of the following:

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was surgeon-in-chief to the Massachusetts General Hospital; physician

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1951, which holds that a wrongfully instituted civil suit

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