organisms. Tn some cases, empyema is the result of the activity of the
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fatal results. These poisons, in some cases, are extremely rapid in their
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will be withdrawn. This results in paralysis, and in disease of organs.
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infiltration of the tissues about the sore. In the ulcerative ozgena of scrof-
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peculiar condition of the viscus in which it is affected by change.- in the
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common site of this bursal inflammation is the bursa of the patella,
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in places very remote from the origin of the poison. The poison is also
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Morbid Anatomy. — The anatomical lesion of pulmonary oedema consists
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The hlood-changes are similar to those of typhoid and typhus fever, yet
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action of all astringents is to cause irritation of the mucous surface, and
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mass, is dark-colored from pigment deposit, and nearer the centre is in a
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trophy of the periarticular structures, and erosion of the ends of the
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Thomas, and others regard it as a specific disease. It occurs sporadically
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The pulse may increase in frequency from feeble heart-povver alone while the
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Absolute rest of the body must be insisted on, the patient must not be
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cause sufficient obstruction to tiio ])()rt:d vein to produce ascites. From
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and it is essential in wounds of the mouth that measures be taken to
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grazing, rubbing, or crepitating friction sound is heard with both respira-
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varium near the ovary, or they may arise from the ovary or testicle.
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Senile emphysema is mainly an atrophy of the alveolar septa, which become
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purpose. The suitable age of applicants is generally placed at from twenty-one
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Stricture of the oesophagus is accompanied by gradually increasing
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While the bone is held in position, a gutta-percha splint may be moulded
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of the walls preventing collapse. Foreign bodies, such as pieces of
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How Fractures Heal. — As a rule, a broken bone heals, under favora-
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in color, and assumes a purplish hue. It is no longer elevated above the sur-
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ce^ts; 10. Exp'^ndita'C: II. General Balance Sheet.
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sion of a portion of the epiblastic tissues within the inesoblastic. In
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inch wide. The neck is very short and thread-like ; the
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extends into the deeper tissues, a slough will be produced which necessarily
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change ; each one must decide for himself, finding by experience the jilace
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ring. It is claimed by some that all the rales that are heard in this
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be no great muscular cramping. The tongue is dry and the mind
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biiiation with diaphoretics may be administered. The diet throughout
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3. Metastatic erysipelas is a form where it leaves one part of the
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emaciation was the primary symptom. The sputa are gelatinous and
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of the pulse, the symptoms referable to the right heart, and the pulmonary
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rounded, oval, or caudate, from the size of a pin's head to that of a pea,
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nerve filaments, when spasm of some muscle, or group of muscles, results.
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pulmonary consolidation, aud with the rapidity with which destructiA-e
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tonitis, then death is almost inevitable, even when operative procedures are
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