the marrow at the time of the haemorrhage determines its reaction to

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lead to indigestion, should be especially avoided, and it appears that

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cold being equally unfavourable : and with regard to

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certainty, if no primary seat of growth can be detected, and if no enlarge-

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re6]>onsive to every friendly advance. Conscionsly or snb-con-

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In fome horfes, the teeth are fo hard as not to wear,

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populated districts, filthy cities than clean — facts entirely compatible with

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of carcinoma originating in the mouth, other than the tongue or jaw.

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essential in treatment. As to drugs, for cod-liver oil is a food not a drug,

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produce a small faecal residuum. Milk, thin chicken-tea, egg-albumin

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day. This method of treatment, either alone or combined with the

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light and open clothing, free ventilation, abundant cubic space in

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the physiological saline first, and then to add to it the requisite amount of solid

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i-ities are the results of infections contracted at the siinuncr vaca-

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Environment. — The circumstances of the patient have much to do with

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The fee for each course will be $10.00, payable on registration. Applications

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In the rectum the ulcers are usually of small size. Haemorrhage from the

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of the B. tuberculosis are that it is parasitic, aerobic, and non-motile, growing

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wards at the outer and a similar curve forward at the inner end ; the ends

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In these cases there may also be found patches of consolidation resembling

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symptoms develop, and the less pronounced the constitutional disturbance,

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11. Spasm of the ducts. — Severe fright or shock may cause jaundice, and

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that it is more expensive, n«it only in pei'sonnel, but in material.

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chloral, hydrocyanic acid, arsenic, phosphorus, uranium salts, etc. ; chloro-

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often none are to be found. An ophthalmoscopic examination should be

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or thirty years. Anftotle fays, that hogs in general

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coming. To produce ulceration in any part of the body a necrosis or

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several years since our attention was drawn to poisoning by sausages, an

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d(jes, in particular, the yellow-flowered vetch. In

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of the secretion of gastric juice. In all cases the amount of food taken in

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warty and uneven. The head and face are not infrequently attacked, and

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signs and symptoms present in one case, but some combination of them