Mortality in Variola and Varioloid, — It is gratifying to state that
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pinching the skin causes dilatation of the pupil; third, the changes
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especially after the age of fifty. The importance of local causes, par-
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is attended with ulceration and scars. Microscopical examination shows
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Mexico, from Oregon to Florida, and Virginia to CaM)mia, the name of
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toms occurring early and being out of proportion to the local symptoms
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The urine is high-colored and faintly albuminous. Although the physi-
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thigh ; and what is " minor " in one man's estimation may really
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fecting the walls. These directions are so complicated, and involve
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muscular action, and is referred to the pelvis and sacrum. In the non-
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it." The "ancient Scythians" were accustomed to "inhale narcotic
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Tuberculosis of the uterus is indicated by the presence of miliary
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the disease becomes septic or gangrenous, since a mixed infection then
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usually with derangement of digestion, and nervous symptoms which re-
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organic life. It seems evident then, that the poison of cholera, whether
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dose of calomel in starting biliary secretion. Cream of tartar and other
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delirium cordis the beat of the heart is wholly irregular in force, in fre-
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comes ^ thickened and fibrous. The dilated bronchi contain thin, opaque
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basis of the treatment must consist in the withdrawal of the narcotic, and
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duct. Sometimes it may be found near the junction of the cystic and
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examination of the chest is usually negative, with the exception of the
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Healing of the ulcers begins during the fourth week and extends over
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lost function of nerve and muscle. When the faradic current elicits a
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tending northward is somewhat uncertain, but the St. Lawrence region
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pus corpuscles and pavement, cylindrical, and ciliated epithelium. Red
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growth of osteoid tissue without simultaneous calcification, the bones
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DIAGNOSIS. The appearance of the patient is suggestive of a dropsy,
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a test meal has been taken may be increased in quantity and contain
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General loss of hair, syphilitic alopecia, accompanies the outbreak of
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movable transverse colon being the portion which is oftenest displaced.
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by change of climate ; in our experience high elevations have greatly
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the alarm and satisfy the craving for action of nervous mothers and other
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Frequently the progress of the gangrene is arrested by the formation of
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can be demonstrated. The nervous symptoms may consist simply of
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DIAGNOSIS. For the purposes of treatment it is essential that typhoid
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and have no connection with any organic disease, it is essential in every
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with morphine (one-eighth of a grain) is sometimes excellent in its effect.
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a fall of the morning temperature rather than by a rise of the evening,
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pain, associated with a rapid and difficult respiration, a rise of tempera-
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dilatation of the duct of Wirsung, the wall being composed of fibrous
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but we believe it to be inferior to the central arid tract in the United
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only manifest symptom of tape- worm. Polypi and other gross laryngeal
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them there during their after adult life. The out- door life is the one