arteriosclerosis, the arteries generally being thickened. In many
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quite distinct. Here, however, we shall use it only to denote a con-
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The cell count in his spinal fluid was reduced to 4 per The spinal fluid
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The daily dose for short, quick effect is 0.5 of the crude drug, or
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gland. Thus in those cases in which sufficient thyroid gland tissue had
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The patient drank seven whiskies daily from 11 p. m. to 1 a. m., and in
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blood test April 11, and showed hemoglobin 42 per cent., red blood corpuscles
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An instance which enforces the importance of the laryngeal signs
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intra vitam. These cells, recognized by all as intimately associated
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agitation of the whole body. In severe cases there is a feeling of
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seven, any cardiorenal lesions that existed were of such a secondary
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part of the sino-auricular node, is conducted to the right auricle and
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cases which are sometimes seen in early life. Thus Ward saw fatty
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now number several hundreds. In England the first description of
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In regard to the treatment of cases manifesting slowness of the
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the morning), and lest, by too frequent employment, the morphine
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cation of the sound remains to constitute one of the most valuable
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cus serum and in one the intraspinal injection of antimeningococcus
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pulsation. Ergotin has been used for hypodermic injection by Lan-
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varied from 3,120,000 to 4,240,000 in each cubic millimetre; six years