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forgetful, and perversely obstinate. Sometimes his moral sense fails him

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function that seems to be left to them, pondering over their wonderful

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that it should be so is intelligible. The causes that bring about failure

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not hope to have many patients. One of Beauford's pro-

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been caused by the implication of the median nerve in the effusion

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patterns may be produced (E. gyratum et figuratum). A rare but

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ing those employed by Ross, Celli, and others, the youngest parasites

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But after the various possible sources of error have been excluded,

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such a delusion as that the patient is pregnant ; that she is an immaculate

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practitioner, who in time prior to the Restoration saw our

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either of these two drugs, and in some cases it is probably impossible to

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pharynx, and a well-developed alimentary canal, besides rudimentary

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is keen on the subjects of his delusion, or on matters personal to himself,

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crusts or scars." It is common in South China, the Straits Settlements,

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of the nutrient media employed in culture. Bodin has called attention

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upon the determination of the right one. In the first place, the bodily

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nucleus, or the emergent fibres of the nerve, to cause paralysis ; the other

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under a fortnight. The initial lesion is generally a small red papule, some-

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the integument is then universally reddened, covered with numerous thin

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loosened by gentle tapping with the butt of a hammer or similar

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As regards ankle clonus, I think that where this is persistent and well

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" Inoculabilite du- psoriasis," Mem. et comptes rendus de la soc. mid. de Lyon, 1889.

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perhaps coalescing with adjacent areas in case of multiplicity, and in its

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Benign chronic pityriasis rubra ; (vii.) Exfoliative dermatitis of the newly

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(i.) The application of astringent and cautic remedies. — Amongst

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of seborrhcea or, at a later stage, in the form of eczema. When the

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I remember the many women, and not a few men, who, having taken

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pathology still eludes discovery. Inasmuch as the headache is often

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drawn up the following table which shows the relationship in 200 cases

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coloured hair ; or it may be more marked in some regions than others ; or

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have since abandoned their notions, which indeed had nothing in the

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Section.-; I-VIII. pp. xix + 575 + xxxii. Cloth. Price $ 4.00 net.

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effects of violent emotion in the healthy, and the phenomena of an

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growths, except some superficial excoriation. If an incision be made

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general health must be remedied by attention to indigestion, constipation,

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there is no agglutination, the blood is Rh negative.

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dition in about a week or ten days into that of apparent health, when

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He found that the arthropathies generally affect the small articulations of

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cutaneous disturbance is best taken on a full rather than on an empty

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deliberately sets herself to seduce every man with whom she is brought