This flexion gives rise to one of the earliest symptoms, viz., inability

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climate, and that all the exciting causes, of cirrhotic development should

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Pain of a nauseating or sickening nature. (2) Alteration in the general

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In the earlier stages the drops are small, but as they increase in number

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contraction is reached, the treatment can only be palliative. The most

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avoid the internal mammary arteiy. Wounds of the heart and great /

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it an inflammatory exudation. The character of the exudation, whether

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gether with distortion and twisting of the bones of the tarsus. It may

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higher than the previous night, so that at the end of the first week it

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101° F. The countenance will be pale and anxious, and the breathing short

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wall. Fluids are only partially swallowed, the greater portion being re-

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fastened into one of the fragments, in case of fracture, and by this

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and pulmonary valves were involved in three cases, all of which died suddenly,

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a disturbed, anxious countenance, a fetid breath, and a black liquid expec-

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heat, or in some cases, an ice-bag. The patient should be placed in the

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permanganate of potassium. Two or three quarts should be allowed to