Medical Act or recognised by law as a medical practitioner. He would then have
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the average mortality of London, does not show the amount of miseiy
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without delay. A telegraph connected the huts and the kitchen with the
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cient that does not fully test the ability of the candidate— i. To write a few sentences
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the establishment. To make up the deficiency a supplemental staff was
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Gentlemen intending to read papers, or be present at the meeting,
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fluence on his education —including in this term education, not so much
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examination required for the same degree, were submitted to the house
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patient, and to adopt a complete system of disinfection. In many cases,
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viously circulated among the members for their consideration and
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A paper was read by Dr. Tkacy, of Melbourne, entitled a short
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improved and complete case of obstetric instruments. Dr. Earle;
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done, the patient was suffering from acute pain in the uterus, and long
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oracT Co)ii/>os[tiP. 4. Define <r.i-t7j«wit' and <'«rt'<:7.r/«(7jc, and explain the circulation
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produce proof of his having been engaged in Professional Studies during
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to the adoption of this plan on a larger scale in the present war. A
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army corps are made complete, these bodies boing destined for the fii^st
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Professor of Midwifery in University College ; Physician-Accoucheur at
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a relapse, which was again immediately arrested by the resumption of
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ARY LAST : and it is a matter of essential importance to tlie working
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with prolonged constipation. In these cases, ordinary aperients or
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being set up, and contracted entirely through the influence of the nervous
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who are personally and practically interested in avoiding the operation