(i.) A.C.C., (ii.) A.O.C., (iii.) K.C.C. ; or (i.) A.O.C., (ii.) A.C.C., (iii.)

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mentation, for instance, in so many cases, has led to the suspicion

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in their former condition, and a fresh patch on each wrist. Several cases

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I found the pulse when he was standing to be 116 and thereabout; but

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septic changes in such an area become severe, "spreading gangrene,"


its height is a unilocular cavity, whose floor consists of naked papillae.

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now under thyroid feeding they improve and recover. These are indeed

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states and the minor psychoses it may be of service.

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isolated portions of the germinal epithelium. As the changes are purely

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greatly, is abundantly proved by the frequency with which neurotic

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taneous existence of other skin conditions. Thus I have seen an attack

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Asylum ; Lecturer on Psychological Medicine, St. Thomas's Hospital.

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sacrifice of its votaries. But self-sacrifice, as we have seen, is a necessary

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worse member nevertheless. If it were possible to use either hand for

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Nissl, and Marchi ; Marinesco and Serieux have described after paroxys-

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Vacad. gen. mid. 1856. — 3. Jones, Handfield. Brit. Med. Jour. 6th June 1863. — I.

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exaltation of function and issuing in strong discharges. He maintains

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Tourette, these statements are liable to exceptions) ; for the lower

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this nothing was discovered amiss at the periphery.

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disease, it would be manifestly absurd to pursue such methods as above

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nouncement that he had been dismissed from his post and

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vial.) Washed cells are preferable when the blood is over

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occasional appearance of a papule which can be quickly removed. The

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Surgeons in former times seem really by their modes of

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if we say that very few manage to temper the severer pur-

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1882-9 — Blandford. Art. "Dementia" in Quain's Dictionary of Medicine.

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The contact of a quinine lotion (several authors) and of ipecacuanha

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are accepted by young physicians at the outset or in the intervals of

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Twice I have been assured by mothers, who knew the disease, that their

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find the patient in an access of suspicion, believing that his visitor has

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follow toxic influences derived from without, — as in fevers, alcoholism, or

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acuminatus, pityriasis rubra pilaris, syphilis, and so on ; but in many

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of antecedents; "compensation cases " apart, contingent causes may be few

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chromatophore cells (Ehrmann); (iii.) backward transport from the