in removing a breast complaint, or stricture of the mamma. Cutaneous

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woman in various ways, have entirely altered the views formerly held

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signs of diphtheria, and seemed ofte^n but trivial in their character,

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Berlin was suffering severely from the cholera. — Quarterly Review y April.

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every side, the arm being drawn across the cliest ; if necessary, the arm

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diffuse, at other times limited to the region of the umbilicus, or the

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(4) there is greater equability of temperature, not only between differ-

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but if more than a certain quantity exist in the blood, it would be

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whom Disselhorst made out also that, if these same leucocytes be re-

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trate the hyperpyrexial symptoms, and the treatment by the application

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try to prevent, if possible, the ingress of septic organisms into the sys-

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fbe poaterior vrall of the vagina, which is to be brought forwards ; but

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cause the pages of a Journal whose design is practical, admits of little

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It must, however, be noted tliat the cold bath treatment in some of

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symptoms may be modified, but not apparently the great features of the

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curtail the amount of open-air life, and the danger of chills from the

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or two meals in the day. There are many diversities of opinion as to

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the French term clairvoyance ; clear-sightedness, mental vision, or vision

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disease in question ; (c) it must never under any circumstances occur in

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or limit it. External inflammations may be dealt with by local stimulants

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genic microbes within the capillaries is often associated with a small

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ranean Sea, wliich is some 5° warmer than the atmosphere. The mean

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main stalk and larger brandies, within a foot or two of the tops ; rarely,

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moistened to diminish the unpleasantness of the current. The electrode

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the tongue have I been startled by the unexpected manifestation of this

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disease ; but Roux and Vaillard maintain that this is not the case, and

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in prolonged cases, abundant in quantity, watery and devoid of albumin.

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A regular course of recitations and examinations will Include all the required professional works.

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is as much reason to assign the *' function " to the spinal marrow as to

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geal diphtheria are sundry forms of laryngitis, oedema glottidis, laryn-

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the inmates. No greater mistake can be made. Children cannot thrive