In rheumatic cases, of course, I have repeatedly employed it,


analogue of the connective tissue in other situations, called b^' Virchow

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returninoj after a few moments, found him nearly unconscious, his head

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lin, Paris, and Geneva. By H. C. Lombard, Physician

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work. At the nodal points and also in the beams of this mesh-

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rrJX [TILBURY), M.D..F.R.C. P., and T. C. FOX, B.A., M.R.C.S.,

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Arey, L. B. 1915 a The occurrence and significance of photomechanical changes

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motor nucleus (M.V.), portrays many large and small degener-

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the differential diagnosis involves the following points : —

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a more detailed statement of the character of the cell changes in

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Med. de Paris, (22nd Aug. 1835,) by M. Monod. The subject of

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The signs are those of pleuritis with effusion. Attention to the following

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boils and various eruptions, viz., psoriasis, lichen, eczema, and impetigo.

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seven days ; but it may not exceed two or three days, and it may extend

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inner coat of the stomach are very rapidly digested in the stomach,

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libres of the pons Varolii at the base of the brain. The brain was unaf-

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15 EcoNOMo, D. 1906 Beitrage zur normalen Anatomic der Ganglienzelle.

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Subsequent weighings were as follows. The brain was removed

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Simple Renal Cysts. Hydatids In the Kidney. Renal Tuberculosis. Carcinoma of the Kid-

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1910 Uber die sensiblen Nervenendapparate der zentralen sympath

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an event has occurred in any or the numerous cases of laryngeal

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supplied by the terminal and septal nerves. These sensory cells

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attributable to the latter cause. That phthisis laryngea is not in

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the first place, to settle the persistence of the saccharine condition, and,

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becomes developed, and this hastens the fatal issue. Phthisis was the

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Jaccoud claim signal success by galvanization of the spine. Beard and

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It is a concise, plain, practical treatise on the vari-

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by statistical data, but facts go to show that the progenitors of epileptics

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that death appeared to be averted only by the persistent and free use

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Em&cbtt, M. D., and Grindlet, H. S. 1906 The chemistry of flesh (third

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sensation having been established, its conformity to the second

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the air, and compatible with astringent infusions. That its

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persons ; the causes of the disease will act more speedily in persons in

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to incontinence. Notable impairment or loss of virile power may be here

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more or less impaired and the bowels are constipated. Anaemia often co-

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is then observed especially in the upper extremities, but, in some cases,

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sometimes greatest in the anterior and sometimes in the posterior portion.

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descending mesencephalic root fibers leaving the motor root to

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cases of a typhoid character, where, perhaps, wine acts too

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with pain in the head and face. He became somnolent to a degree almost

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reported by the late Prof. C. A. Lee, Prof. Horatio C. Wood, Dr. Isaac

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(spinal meningitis), or of the substance of the cord (myelitis), and the

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in this respect was clearly perceptible, I have often imagined