of the parts due to the separation of the sloughs, the
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that we have since learned the true method of doing it, if our ex-
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Dr. Lint liner say=. that senna leaves (one or two drachms to one or two
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and one by Dr. J. Pancoast in 1842. These cases, with the pres-
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tical observations may not be unacceptable to the readers of
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naturally rests at a right-angle with the arm, but he can
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efforts in a few moments, and reduce it as promptly. For the lat-
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ARTICLE IV.— Mr. B. Seguard's Theory of the Physi-
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tells a story which he says happened in his boyhood, and formed apart of
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tion he remarks, in the language of another, " you must not suppose
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straining follows, narcotics in liberal doses will be demanded. In
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from its not adhering to the hairs of the part. 5. Its cheapness.
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salpingo-oophorectomy for small sarcoma. Clean case. Excel-
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was directed to be kept up day and night, care being taken not to
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house of the patient, and was informed that Drs. Wright and
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and contiguous parts. It is most positively asserted that anti-
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ment proper. There is, perhaps, no operation which is more dreaded
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thrown into the rectum by means of the douche for about five
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greater profit. We have no doubt the public would find it to their interest
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from a fascia weakly attached to the "white line.'' Their direc-
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The dose is a teaspoonful, containing two grains of citrate
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tablished, the hot stage, or stage of excitement and reaction, may
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Medical Society, "Rectal and Sigmoid Diseases Secondary to
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perforate the projecting portion of the nose, or even
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a subject certainly of much difficulty and too often made the scape-
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der, pulse 130. I li gated the pedicle, and, with the knife,
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lation to the smallpox, hooping cough, and numerous other con-
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skin becomes so thickened and relaxed that there will be a neces-
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has been answered differently by different operators. In many of
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though some of the favorite varieties rank among the highest
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size, may remain quiescent for years ; but as long as
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of deglutition are rebelliously spasmodic (as in the latter
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tion, we do not doubt, was the case, reported by Dr. Power, in
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M.D., Surgeon of the City of Limerick Infirmary and District Military Prison.
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and parched, and tongue coated. I examined the j)atient ex-
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meled, perverted or resistlessly controlled, must, in strictness, be