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Bureau of Animal Industry. 1S99. p. 638. (Full bibliography).

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in order to be the first in the field, gather the plant as soon as it

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Atonic Dyspepsia. jng the intervals between meals. Begin the

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STREPTOLYTIC serum is sold by progressive pharmacists everywhere.

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diameter. This laceration is produced without much force, and

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The essential principle of the operation I am about to describe

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no superior. OwlnR to the solubility of the salts, .additions can be m.ade of Fowler's solution. Syrup lod. Iron, lod

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of rabies in an attenuated form , beginning with the mildest virus

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1867) in the intestinal canal, and must apparently contribute in

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depression, one being local, the other general, with respect to the

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15-grain doses, three times a day. On Nov. 1, five days after the

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GUAKANTEED to (jive complete satisfaction and to take the

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While, however, it is injudicious to attempt to stop abruptly

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not see that a specific therapeutic agent has been demonstrated.

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As respects their physiological antagonism, there are many

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meetings of the Association. There are evident advantages incident to

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